5 Design Elements That Make Your Home Look Dated

5 Design Elements That Make Your Home Look Dated

  • Tommy Pistana
  • 10/2/22

If you’re selling a home, there may be some outdated design elements holding your sale back. As styles change over the decades, outdated styles seem to stand out to buyers looking for updated homes. Certain design elements can also call too much attention to the age of your home. If you’ve updated certain parts of the home but have left these design elements behind, it may be time to reconsider.

Consider these five design elements that are making your home look dated and how to upgrade them for the sale of your home.

Colorful Carpeting


While bright-colored carpets were once all the rage, carpet is not a primary choice for flooring in new homes built today. Wall-to-wall carpet, especially in colors, is often a turn-off to prospective home buyers. While carpet is still used in bedrooms, most living spaces today use hardwood or vinyl flooring options instead. Wood or laminate floors with a creative rug are a much more modern alternative to colorful carpeting.

Popcorn Ceilings


Another trend that has been phased out is popcorn ceilings. These textured types of ceilings scream “outdated”. Not only are they visually unappealing, but they also have a bad reputation for storing mold. If preparing your home for resale, consider scraping the texture off of your ceilings for an updated look. Popcorn ceilings can be a turn-off for buyers looking for a turnkey home.

Mirrored Walls


Mirrored walls in any room in your home must go! These were common design elements used in the 80s to help rooms feel more spacious. Mirrors are still a great way to jazz up a room, but not using an entire wall worth. Consider removing these for standard walls to help your home sell. Luckily, this is a pretty simple fix. 

White Kitchen Appliances


A white fridge, microwave, and other kitchen appliances instantly make the room feel outdated. White kitchen appliances are now replaced with stainless steel appliances for a more modern and upscale look. Black appliances can also have the same effect, yet not quite the same extent as white kitchen appliances.


Glass Block Bathroom Windows


Glass block bathroom windows were intended to allow natural light into bathrooms. The frosted nature of these is helpful for privacy in bathrooms, however, the style as a whole is quite outdated. Many modern bathrooms have skylights instead, another way to allow natural light into the bathroom. Skip the frosted glass if you’re looking for an updated bathroom look.


Refreshing your Home


Whether you simply want to remove outdated looks from your home or are preparing to sell, these five design elements have to go! Colorful carpeting, popcorn ceilings, mirrored walls, white kitchen appliances, and glass block bathroom windows are all trends that are no longer in style. Instead, use the replacement designs mentioned throughout this article to help refresh your home and rid your rooms of outdated designs. Small changes can make a big difference!

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