How to Set Up a Kid-Focused Homework Stations

How to Set Up a Kid-Focused Homework Stations

  • Tommy Pistana
  • 09/4/22

One of the most beneficial ways to help your child look forward to doing homework is by creating a homework station! Designating a creative, peaceful space will encourage your child to build healthy studying habits and find ways to enjoy doing their homework. Keep reading in order to follow the steps for setting up a kid-focused homework station.

Choose a designated homework spot in your home 

Ultimately, the spot you pick in your home should be free of noise and distractions. That’s the number one rule to creating an effective homework station. After finding a quiet space, decide how you’re going to set up the spot. You don’t have to set up a desk center- you could even set up a variety of floor cushions and create a studying nook! Start envisioning what you’d like the space to look like.

Stock your homework station with the necessary supplies 

It is best to stock the homework station with supplies beforehand, so you and your child aren’t scrambling to find a pencil or marker. Some of the best suggestions for a homework station are pencils, pencil sharpener, a timer, or even fidget tools to help students with the hard task of sitting still while doing work! 

Make sure your child has an adequate workspace 

Don’t allow the homework workspace to become a place of clutter and chaos. Whatever you declare as the official homework workspace, ensure that it remains a place of peace and cleanliness. Feelings of clutter and stacked up toys and craft projects can lead to overwhelming feelings. This can make it hard to complete homework. You also want to make sure that your child has enough room to do their homework! 

Establish rules for using the homework station 

Set a routine for using the homework station. Teach your child what to expect when using it. One tip is to always be consistent. When your child asks to go do homework on the couch in front of the television, remind them that all homework needs to be completed at the designated homework station.

Help your child create and stick to a regular study schedule

Create a regular study schedule with your child. Maybe you both have time directly after school to get a snack and then work on homework at the homework station. When your child has a set expectation that each day they have to work at the homework station, it becomes a habit. Pick a time that works for both of you, and don’t stray from this schedule. 

Check-in on their progress

Always check in with your child and ask them if they need any adjustments in the homework station. Maybe they don’t have enough room, or maybe they are struggling with focus. All study skills take time to develop, and continuing to have patience will greatly benefit your child in the long run. Eventually, you will find that your child will start going to the homework station all by themselves. Don’t forget to check in on their progress during the homework session, as each day is different and your child may need a reminder that day to stay focused. 

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